A Global Presence

The Amber Road Global Alliance is an alliance of like-minded travel companies who are the right size and shape to match our client’s travel DNA in every region.

Our clients benefit from a globally managed programme without the contractual restraints of a global TMC.

We’ll do all the legwork to find the right partners for you and ensure that you receive the same high standard of service, wherever you may be in the world.

Our global alliance provides the following in over 29 countries:

  • All in one place – Amber Road co-ordinate the alliance and provide you with a UK managed global programme.
  • Service, Service, Service – We know what matters, so each alliance partner agrees to a service level agreement created in consultation with our clients. We also understand there is no ‘one size fits all’, so country level service level agreements are created where needed, underpinning the service in each region.
  • Big Data – Amber Road create a specification for our alliance partners, tailor made to our client’s requirements that enables us to consolidate data from all the markets in the programme, giving our clients visibility of their spend globally.
  • Go Local – Amber Road’s global alliance means our clients are dealing with trusted partners who provide regional pricing, local knowledge and quality service.

World Independent Travel Network (WIN)

Amber Road is a member of WIN, the World Independent Travel Network, an international group of travel specialists working together to grow and win business globally. WIN membership totals 6,000 locations in 40 countries with a combined turnover of $15bn.

The WIN hotel programme covers around 28,000 hotels globally, both major hotel chains and independents, and gives our clients access to global corporate rates plus other benefits.

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We want to help your business grow – whether into new parts of the UK or on a global scale. Amber Road offers:

  • Exceptional levels of personal service
  • State of the art technology throughout the journey
  • Rates you can’t get elsewhere

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