Finding the right airfare to suit your needs is tricky these days. Meta searches on well-known websites can be misleading and have hidden costs. Our expert team of Travel Partners make sure you receive the fare you need for your business trip, including everything you want and nothing you don't e.g. baggage, seat reservations and meals.
The fares they find are guaranteed by our reservation system Travelport so there are no hidden costs or sudden price rises once held.

From long haul flights to multi-leg trips, you can leave it to us. We have led the way on implementing airfare distribution changes and are early adopters of New Distribution Technology, so we can consume airline fares direct from carriers and give you the latest dynamic pricing and ancillaries on offer.


Saved by our clients last year through managing airline loyalty

Trailblazing new distribution technology

Airfare distribution is changing and Amber Road are leaders in adopting new distribution from major airlines, giving our clients access directly to major airline inventory and dynamic deals as they become available.

Our latest online booking tool PLANNET is IATA level 3 certified and consuming new distribution fares directly from major airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, KLM AirFrance, Lufthansa group and more as airlines develop the standard.

Find our press release on our first NDC booking here!

Travel Partners

At Amber Road we know a thing or two about airline distribution and negotiations as we have the highest ratio of ex-airline employees in our industry, from our CEO to our travel partners. Due to our knowledge and experience we’ve developed strategic and long term partnerships with all major airlines. We use our knowledge relationships and buying power to leverage the best deals for our customers, embracing new distribution technology.

Whether you book online or offline we’re so confident you’ll find the best deal with Amber Road, that we offer our clients an airfare guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Our Airline Relationships

The air market is more complex than ever, with airlines looking for new distribution channels for their increasingly sophisticated aircraft.

Having strong relationships with airlines is therefore vitally important in today’s environment. Our relationships are exemplary, ensuring that we are the first point of call for an airline looking to offer new fares and wishing to innovate.

The airlines see us as ‘good people to do business with’, and this directly affects the value we can bring to our clients.

Corporate Deals and Corporate Mileage Programmes

One of our first tasks on implementing a new client is to ensure that they have access to all relevant corporate airlines discount schemes in the market. Clients are often not aware that these discount schemes exist, but they can bring instant savings for many point-to-point fares.

Also, many clients are not aware that, with selected airlines, they can sign up for Corporate Mileage Programmes. These rewards are in addition to the individuals’ frequent traveller rewards and can be used by the company to purchase seats. At Amber Road we can monitor these miles and advise when they can be used.

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