3D Analytix

3D Analytix is our vibrant data management suite that provides you with on-demand access to daily data via intuitive online dashboards, reports and interactive data publications. This new development is part of our mission to become the trusted travel partner for business travel, delivering premium levels of service combined with world class technology.

Amber Rd 3D Analytix is our innovative online reporting facility which will provide you with live interactive data on every aspect of your travel expenditure. With top-level dashboard access, reports can be viewed instantly. Data is updated every 24 hours and as the system is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world via desktop, laptop, iPad or tablet.

This will allow you to have a current view of expenditure on travel across the group at any time, enabling quick reactions and to support the decision-making process.

Common reports include (but are not limited to):

  • Expenditure breakdown
  • Top Travellers
  • Top Hotels
  • Top Destinations
  • Savings Achieved
  • Out of Policy Bookings
  • Cost Analysis
  • CO2 Emissions


DataPublisher is a feature of Amber Rd 3D Analytix Premium that allows the administrative user to create detailed, professional looking reports in minutes.

Once reports have been built within the system they update daily and therefore would allow you to quickly produce a comprehensive report, for instance to be used within board meetings.

By utilising live data in this way decisions can be made on travel policy creating an immediate impact when necessary.

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