Traveller Tracking

Amber Rd believe that traveller safety is paramount, especially in times of high security alert status. Additionally, travellers are subject to risk from many other potential events other than terrorism, such as natural disasters and inadequate safety policies of transportation providers.

We offer travel advice wherever we can. We don’t like surprises when it comes to our travellers around the globe, so Amber Road extracts the very latest traveller advice from various sources including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Protection Group International and Concur TMC Messaging, providing you with additional reassurance for your staff. Any issues which may potentially affect the traveller will be highlighted prior to making any booking and critically, will be updated continually from point of booking until the traveller’s safe return.

To support this, your travellers are protected by our Traveller Tracking facility, so that providing we made the booking, our software will track your staff wherever in the world they are travelling.

Whenever there may be an issue, we use our Traveller Tracking facilities to ensure the safety and security of travellers. Whether it’s volcanic ash clouds, air traffic control strikes or terrorist attacks, we work tirelessly to re-route your travellers and get them home swiftly and safely, whilst simultaneously keeping the relevant contacts informed.

In situations where your colleagues need emergency support, they can call your usual Amber Road number and calls will be diverted to our out of hours service.

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